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Cost is determined by the number of dogs, not the size. 


Current Prices:

$24.00 per dog / per night **

**$23.00 when paying with cash or check!!

$11.00 For Additional Dog In Same Run (from same owner)

+ $8.00 for every dog after 2 in same run

* Note - No charge on day of pick-up until after 1:00 pm. Then half day charge on first dog rate. 

10% off 10 days or more

15% off 2 weeks or more

multi run discount of $3 off second run if two runs rented by same family

We accept cash, checks, debit, and credit cards (cash/checks preferred)




Each inside run (3 ft. x 4 ft, 4 ft high) is adjoined with an outside  run (3 ft x 15 ft). Dogs can go inside  and out all day. At night they are only inside.In addition  time is given for dogs to run and play  in exercise yard twice while not mixed with other dogs.

 ​We  are climate controlled for both summer and winter!


Menu of Services

Rabies  (Georgia State Law Requirement) - 

Bordetella  ("Kennel Cough")    Parvo, and Distemper or "combo shot" given yearly.

General Health Policy - All boarded dogs must be in good health . Dogs need to have flea prevention treatment as well .

  1. Vaccintions Needed

Baths are available on Mondays and Fridays. 24 Hour notice is recommended.  Note:  Large dog baths only available during warmer weather. 


​$20.00   to bathe small/medium dogs

$23      for  large dogs (50 lbs or more) 

Extra $2.00 for long/thick fur