Rabies  (Georgia State Law Requirement) - 

Bordetella  ("Kennel Cough")    Parvo, and Distemper or "combo shot" given yearly.

General Health Policy - All boarded dogs must be in good health . Dogs need to have flea prevention treatment as well .

24 Hour notice is recommended. Note: Large dog baths only available during warmer weather. 

Pick-up must be after 11:00 am

We offer a full dog bath with warm water, shampoo, and either towel drying or blow-drying. This does not include nail trimming or grooming. 


​$20.00 - small/medium dogs

$22.00 - large dogs (50 lbs or more) 

Extra $3.00 for long/thick fur

Cost is determined by the number of dogs, not the size. 

​​* Note - No charge on day of pick-up until after 1:00 pm. After 1:00 pm half day charges apply.

*Debit/Credit Payments have an additional 5% price increase

One Dog - $23.00

Two Dogs (In Same Kennel) - $35.00

Three Dogs (In Same Kennel) - $43.00

+$8.00 for every dog after the 2nd dog. 


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Military Discount - 5% off

10% off 10 nights 

15% off 14 (two weeks) nights 

20% off 21 nights




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Vaccinations Needed